Thank you from pinned2reality

Thank you from pinned2reality

The launch has come and gone...and I have had time to reflect on the whirlwind which has been the past couple months.  I am so thankful for the outpouring of generosity, time, support, encouragement and love that I have received during this whole process.

I firmly believe that good things are a result of an army of people supporting one another for a cause.  My launch is no different; I wanted to take the time to acknowledge each and every person that has contributed in some way to my success thus far.  

My family and friends for caring for me and supporting me:  my mom Pat, Angela, Jessica and Josh.

My mother-in-love who helped care for my children during the final push, loved, supported and encouraged me throughout this process, gave me inspiration, and contributed vintage pieces from her own collection for me to revive and sell.  

Rachel Konty for creating my marketing materials, taking my product photos, introducing me to Christy Rimrodt of Studio Christy Portraits, and overall being an immense support as I created my website and prepared for my launch.

Christy Rimrodt of Studio Christy Portraits in Lake Oswego for generously sharing her magnificent studio space for pinned2reality's product photo shoot.

Liz Rogala of Just Artin' Around for creating my social media logos and banners.

Nanci Staley of Nanci Imagery for taking such beautiful pictures of me and my shop.

Julie Oliveros of Signs of Serendipity for encouraging me to take the leap of faith in our Art Lit class last year.

Courtney Penberthy of Penberthy Home and Body for pushing me to do the Treasured Sale by Joyful Seed and encouraging me to follow my dream.

Sonya Fisher of Eaton Fischer Family Law for deciding not to be my safety net and telling me that I needed to give my building all of my professional time and attention.

Cathy Farrand for being such a great friend and for donating so much reclaimed wood to me!

Tanela Vargas for being the ying to my yang and also for being my sudo show and business advisor.  I am so thankful for all of your insight and incredible foresight.

Andrea and Diane of Joyful Seed for putting on such an amazing Treasured Sale!

Tammy Wickizer of Grain + Grit for building with me and working right along side me during the last couple crazy weeks.  You are an amazing builder and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you.

Healing Cave Lady for loving me and making the connection with Grain + Grit.

Andrea Whitaker for painting my beautiful company sign on such short notice and some of the beautiful signs that were displayed in my booth at the Treasured Sale.

Nicole Carlson of Vinyl Marks for making our sale t-shirts in an amazing short amount of time.  They were absolutely perfect!

All of the Sherwood moms who came to the Treasured sale to support me.

All of the people who purchased my pieces at the Treasured sale and those who purchased before the launch.

Last, but most definitely not least, thank you to Paige Thammovong of HeyHalle for writing our logos in your magnificent calligraphy for our booth at the last minute and out of the goodness of your heart!

I am not only thankful and grateful, I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

One lucky lady,